The Original

Cap Magnet

Magnetic Golf Ball Marker Holder

Cap Magnet goes where you do

Your hat. Your spot.

The Original Cap Magnet can be placed anywhere in any hat to keep your golf ball marker top of mind.

No more damaged bills from traditional hat clips.

The Original Cap Magnet is 2.25" tall by 1.75" wide

Strong. Lightweight. Flexible.

One patch. Infinite uses.

TOCM_Directional Ball Marker on Shoe
The Original Cap Magnet used inside a golf bag pocket
Worn in 5th Pocket

Theway to hold your golf ball marker... period!

Designed with

Left-handed golfers

Forget right-handed only magnetized hats.

Cap Magnet Installs in

3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Peel the back off your Cap Magnet patch
Step 2: Attach the Cap Magnet patch inside your hat
Step 3: Attach your favorite ball marker to your Cap Magnet

Peel It!

Remove the adhesive backing from your magnetic patch.

Stick It!

Place the patch on the inside of your favorite hat.

Attach It!

Connect the included golf ball marker and enjoy!


with a purchase of $20 or more


Absolutely! As long the ball marker is ferrous (containing iron), it can be used with The Original Cap Magnet.

To get the longest life out of your Cap Magnet, hand wash or dry clean only any article of clothing or accessory you've attached it to.

An amazingly light 7 grams! That's approximately the weight of 2 sticks of gum--that's half the weight of the average hat clip.

Like any strong magnet, The Original Cap Magnet can cause damage to electronics. But if you carry your credit cards or phone in your back pocket and your ball marker on your hat--or even in your front pocket--then you're good to go.

You certainly can! Check out these fan favorite ways to wear The Original Cap Magnet.

Let us know how you wear your Cap Magnet -- tag #capmagnet and we'll feature your pic!

Worn in 5th Pocket
Worn on Shoe
Worn in Back Pocket
Worn in Lower Pocket
The Original Cap Magnet used inside a golf bag pocket
Placed in Golf Bag
woman with The Original Cap Magnet inside a white visor and a white ball marker
Worn on Right Temple of Visor

Nope! The soft, quick-drying fabric and patent-pending disc coating design will protect your patch even on the harshest of days (think Caddy Shack). We guarantee The Original Cap Magnet for YOUR LIFETIME, or we will replace it for FREE.

Yep! We've even attached up to three ball markers at one time. But if you can get more than that, be sure to tag #CapMagnet on your favorite social media platform and we will feature your pic!

At this time, no, unfortunately. We've sent orders as far as Australia and Dubai, but international tracking has been problematic. When we find a better solution for our international customers, we will let you know. In the meantime, sign up for the Cap Magnet newsletter to be the first to know when we do begin international shipping.

Yes! We can put your custom branding on a golf ball marker packaged with The Original Cap Magnet. Perfect for tournaments, promotions, and more. For a quote on your project, please reach out to us here.

Hosting an Event?

Perfect for swag bags at corporate events or as favors for a bachelor party. I've had clients use them as stocking stuffers, too.

Rosa Navas

Corporate Meeting and Events Senior Planner

We keep Cap Magnets with our company logo on the marker in our corporate store for attorneys to give to clients on the course. People love them!



Thank you for such quick delivery of the Cap Magnets for our golf championship. We gave these as tee gifts on the first day of the tournament and they were really appreciated by our golfers. The custom-made ball markers with our logo were special. 

Karla DeGroft

Tournament Organizer
Cap Magnet's CTO Gia Mora and CEO Denny Rivas

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The Original Cap Magnet in The American Reporter

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The Original Cap Magnet in Women Fitness Magazine

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